Dixel Club
Welcome to Dixel Club πŸ€—
​Dixel Club is the Shopify of NFTs. Anyone can launch their own NFT collection by drawing their own pixel art design, and people can join the minting by changing the colour traits of the genesis edition. By using Dixel Club, anyone can launch an interesting pixel art NFT project with no-code and no complications. They can also set a minting cost as well as whitelist-only features.
Dixel Club - Draw to Earn from Pixel Art NFTs

Contract Addresses (Main net)


BNB Chain


  • DixelClubV2Factory: 0x31B8eb1d3DcB2C333e5d70cAA022855ffdBD0fDA
  • DixelClubV2NFT (implementation contract): 0x258e69403866CE766A6Df866ca27C1e4B1C8Bde1

Contract Addresses (Test net)

Network: bsctest
  • DixelClubV2Factory: 0x5d241D9e59006B7fa5E40F02f08dD679De0841E0
  • DixelClubV2NFT: 0xa280Cde0E2066319629490eB50aABbcC622fc3ef
Network: goerli
  • DixelClubV2Factory: 0xe79D419da8F3625EF9D136F6632E810d3e2e1Fc6
  • DixelClubV2NFT: 0x89Ba1a95C1e4CBbF53Bf65953b317eBb47110463
Network: klaytntest
  • DixelClubV2Factory: 0x3F1D6f939BE5b60Fadd2c4586Be286e861558F6b
  • DixelClubV2NFT: 0x0A325d166426aFd2465AD7b0CC0C6Efa2E14E84e